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Worth Seeing

The Oldest Milestone

The oldest inscription road sign in Europe, outside borders of the Roman Empire is located in Konin. It was installed in 12th century probably by Piotr Włostowic, the voivod of e.g. Bolesław Krzywousty, as a sign of half way between Kalisz and Kruszwica. We can read this information out of latin inscription (poetic writing) from 1151. It is made of sandstone.  

Fot. Mirek Jurgielewicz

Local Museum  With a Forest Elephant

The main residence of the museum is a towerless castle built at the shore of Gosławice Lake during 1418-1426. You can experience permanent as well as temporary exhibitions. Undoubtedly the greatest curiosity here are remains of a Forest Elephant which were discovered in Józefowo near Konin in the 1980s. Over 4 meters high maquette situated at the museum shows probable look of the Józefowo elephant which existed in the area about 100 000 years ago.

Fot. Local Museum

Atypical Park of Miniature Models

The one and only attraction in Poland of this kind. At the Education and Fun Centre Miniature Models Park Microscale in Konin there are over 50 different models and dioramas of educational and entertaining context. Models show not only buildings but different events which makes it a very unique exhibition. Some of the interactive miniatures are activated by sightseers. Its originality is also shown by surprising themes of the miniatures – there is only one park in Poland and Europe of this kind. Miniatures depict scenes out of popular films, history of Poland and the world.  


Central Poland Masuria

Water sports amateurs may visit wonderful lakes with great water routes in Konin and its surroundings. That is why the area is called Central Poland Masuria. Lakes around Konin are located nearby the heat and power plant (channeling hot water through various duct networks) which raises their temperature by approx. 3 ° C. The area is also very attractive for fishermen all year round.


Sanctuary in Licheń

One of the most famous sanctuaries in Europe is situated only 15km from Konin. Basilica in Licheń is the largest temple in Poland, the eighth in Europe and twelfth in the world. The building’s cubature is over 300 000 m³. Light enters the interior through as many windows as there are days in the year – 365, and you can get inside through as many doors as there are weeks in the year – 52. The square in front of the basilica can hold about 250 000 people. Besides the basilica there is also St. Dorotha’s church worth seeing, you can climb the Golgotha or viewing tower, or you may take a look at the papal apartments where John Paul II stayed in 1999.    

Fot. Sanctuary in Licheniu

Camaldolese Monastery in Bieniszew

Bieniszew’s hermitage is really unique because it is one of only two Camaldolese monasteries in Poland. It was built in the 18th century and it’s located about 10km from Konin. In the church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary you can see an unusual openwork altar and oak stalls from 1755. Monks live according to St. Benedict’s rules, they barely talk to each other, they live in small hermitages with gardens where they work.