Rooms Prices
Monday - Friday

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CATEGORY    (free breakfeast)
Single room Classic 175,00 PLN 155,00 PLN
Double room Classic 210,00 PLN 190,00 PLN
Double room LUX 270,00 PLN 240,00 PLN
CATEGORY     (free breakfast)
Single room Standard 160,00 PLN 140,00 PLN
Double room Standard 200,00 PLN 180,00 PLN
Triple room Standard 255,00 PLN 235,00 PLN

ECONOMY ROOM  (without breakfast)

Single room 125,00 PLN 105,00 PLN

Double room

135,00 PLN 115,00 PLN

Other services

dog, cat and other animals  25,00 PLN

Conference room (price for 1 hour) - 15 people

30,00 PLN
Breakfast 23,00 PLN


Prices include VAT.

This price list is not an offer of sale within the meaning of article 66 and the following articles of the Civil Code.
The Hotel reserves the right to set hotel room rates depending on the conditions prevailing at any given time.
The rate valid on a given date will be provided at the request of the guest prior to making the booking and the Hotel may specify the date until which such price offer will be valid.
Final and binding price for the hotel room will be given in the confirmation of booking.
If the booking date is changed by the guest, the Hotel may set a new rate applicable to such new date.

The hotel day begins at 13:00 and lasts to 12:00 of the next day.